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Bowls are fun to make. They can be fairly simple (made of a single piece of wood)
or very complicated (made of many pieces of wood in patterns). These are called
segmented bowls and can take many hours to make.

I work on both types. My goal is to create them differently. Sometimes by taking
different pieces of wood, gluing them together in no particular pattern,
then putting it on my lathe, I then get to see how it will turn out.
It is exciting to see the results.

At other times I will find a nice looking piece of glassware and design a base or holder
and lid for it. These are really fun to make and turn into exceptionally beautiful containers.

As are the other galleries, ALL ITEMS HERE ARE ONE OF A KIND. If you would like a
simular reproduction of a sold item please contact me for a price.

I hope you enjoy this gallery-- there will be more items to come. So please check back again.

If you would like to contact Dan Wells just email or call.

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3 sectioned Nut or
Candy etc. Dish
This Sectioned bowl is
Walnut and Canary Wood with a
Lacquered Finish Exterior
and a salad bowl finish interior
8 1/2" diameter
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Price $SOLD

One of a Kind


Double Stack Bowls with Lid
Solid Walnut with a
Bright Exterior Finish and
a Salad bowl finish interior
6 1/2"High
5 1/2"diameter

Price $SOLD


Candy Dish Zig Zag Stemmed
This Segmented Bowl is made of
-Walnut Trim
with Maple-Walnut
-Teak-Jatoba and Purple Heart-
It has a Lacquered Exterior and
a salad bowl interior finish
6 1/2" High
5 1/2" Diameter

Price $SOLD

Candy Dish
It is Solid Walnut with
a crackled glass insert
7 1/2"High

Price $SOLD


Walnut Bowl with Maple Swirel Lid
The Bowl and stem is solid Walnut with
a Bright Lacquered Exterior Finish
and a Salad bowl interior finish
6 3/4"Diameter

Price $SOLD


Small Fruit Bowl
Solid Walnut

Price $65.00

One of a Kind

Bowl with Glass Insert and Lid
Solid Lacewood
5 3/4"High
4 1/2"Diameter

  #1-7-0= $SOLD


Inlay Planter Bowl
Solid Walnut Trim with
Birdseye Maple and Brazilian Jatoba
5 1/4"High
8 3/4"Diameter

Price $SOLD


Open Candy Bowl
Solid Walnut and Cherry
Base is 5 7/8"Diameter
Top is 5 5/8"Diameter
3" High
It would look beautiful displaying
a short stemmed flower bouquet

Price $55.00

One of a Kind

Sweets Display
Solid Walnut Stemmed Base is
4 3/8"High
With Glass totals 10"High
Includes Gold Plated Handle
Base top is 6 3/8"Diameter

Price SOLD

One of a Kind


Angular Fruit Bowl or Planter
Solid Teak Body with segmented
Walnut-Jatoba-Maple and Purple Heart Purple Heart Solid Accents
Salad Bowl finish in interior
with a Gloss Marine Varnish Finish exterior
5 1/2 High 8 1/4 Diameter

Price $SOLD


Covered 'Winners' Bowl
Solid Walnut and Maple
It has a Bright Lacquered
Exterior Finish with a
salad bowl interior finish
5 1/2"High
6 5/8"Diameter

Price $SOLD

Southwest Segmented Bowl #1
is made of layers of Exotic woods
\ 5"High
7 1/2"Diameter

Price $SOLD


Open Candy Dish
Unique Goncalo Alves Wood
with a Glass Bowl insert
3 1/4"High
5 1/5"Diameter



Crackle Glass Lined Vase
Holly Wood- Purple Heart-
Teak- Maple -Walnut<
6 1/2"High X 5"Diameter

Price $SOLD

Wood & Glass Vase
Solid Walnut Base is
8 1/4" Tall"8" Wide 6 1/2" at Base
With Glass totals 9"High 8" Wide

Price SOLD


Maple/ Walnut/
Purple Heart/
Hickory/ Zebra/
Bubinga/ Wenge Wood
9 1/4" High
7 1/2" Wide
4" top Inside Diameter
Price was Reg $390.

  #1-17-0 Sale
Price SALE$295.00

One of a Kind


Inlayed and Segmented Vase
Walnut & Maple,Wenge Wood ,
Purple Heart, Bubinga
Zebra Wood
6" Diameter 9" High Was Reg. $245.

Price SOLD$195.00

One of a Kind


Short Segmented Vase
Multiple Exotic Woods


One of a Kind

Maple/ Walnut/

Reg.Price Was$199.00

Price SOLD$135.00

One of a Kind


Solid Cutout Walnut,

Price $125.00

One of a Kind

"Rock" Box
Solid Walnut

Price $SOLD


MultiWood Bowl
Solid Walnut/Maple/Jatoba
All Segmented
Reg Price $395.00

Price $295.00SOLD

One of a Kind

Picture coming soon

Candle holder
Solid Purple heart Wood

Price $45.00

One of a Kind


Picture coming soon

Candle holder

Price $45.00

One of a Kind


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