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I find that sometimes you can look at a piece of wood and say"that is sure blah or unattractive"

but when it is blended with other woods a completely different look appears. There are times

when I will take scrap pieces of wood and glue them together. At that point I don't even

know what it will look like. I have put many of these in the burn pile. And then there is that one

that catches my eye. Those may sit on the 'Do something with pile' or I may use it immediately.

I guess what I want to say is working with wood is in the eye of the beholder. That is what

makes woodart unique.I hope you enjoy my ONE OF A KIND ITEMS.

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Solid Woods Bowls and
Wood with Glass Bowls
Or Covers


Quality Solid Wood
Jewelry and Valet Boxes


Quality Keepsake and
Decor Boxes
Multiple Woods



Quality Solid Wood
Pedestals- Stands
and Tables